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X-Men Days of Future Past (2014)

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you should see him. he’s beautiful.

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Portgas D. Ace - For Anna-swan 

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whenever im lost and confused i turn to michael for help


: “Joe [Wright] just told me: ‘You better make it good because it’s really significant.’ So, I felt very worried that it wouldn’t be good enough and I just made it and I thought, ‘Well, it’s kind of OK.’ Someone asked me before ‘What makes a costume iconic?’ It’s really only partly the costume designer. It’s really about Keira wearing it, at that moment, looking the way she does. The way that it’s framed. How Joe uses it. How it fits in the story. All those things make it something… It’s made to be at that moment in the movie, and its greatness comes from all those elements at the same time. I didn’t know it would be so good, you can’t know!”Jacqueline Durran, costume designer for Atonement (2007).