FUCK THE WORLD - a fanmix for people who are pissed off and wanna stand up and get noticed

1 SEVEN DEVILS - florence and the machine

{ i don’t want your money / i don’t want your crown / see i’ve come to burn your kingdom down }

2 WE DON’T BELONG - black veil brides

{ it’s the anthem / of the underground / so get back up when they push you down }

3 ABSOLUTE - thousand foot krutch

{ we want the truth / give us the absolute / we need your help / ‘cause we’ve got nothing left to lose }

4 I PREDICT A RIOT - kaiser chiefs

{ watching the people get lairy / it’s not very pretty i tell thee }

5 KILLING IN THE NAME - rage against the machine

{ fuck you i won’t do what you tell me }

6 READY FOR WAR - throw the fight

{ try to start a fight to await the war / whilst all our fists break down the door }

7 ANTIVIST - bring me the horizon

{ middle fingers up / if you don’t give a fuck / i’m sick to death of swallowing every single thing i feel }

8 NOT AFRAID - eminem

{ i’m not afraid / to take a stand / everybody come take my hand }

9 EAST JESUS NOWHERE - green day

{ don’t test me / second guess me / protest me / you will disappear }

10 SEVEN NATION ARMY - the white stripes

{ i’m gonna fight em all / a seven nation army couldn’t hold me back }

11 IT’S TIME - imagine dragons

{ i’m just the same as i was / now don’t you understand / that i’m never changing who i am }

12 YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE - a day to remember

{ clenched fists held above me / you will never bring me to my knees }

13 RUN THIS TOWN - jay-z ft. kanye west and rihanna

{ victory’s within the mile / almost there don’t give up now }

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